The Buckley Group Introduces AdByze Driver, the First Learning Machine

The Buckley Group Introduces AdByze Driver, the First Learning Machine "Spend Controller" for RTB Advertisers which is being launched in the U.S. and Canada via the joint venture company BDAI, LLC.

The Buckley Group, Inc.™ (TBG) announced details today about its AdByze ™ Driver suite of products. AdByzeTM Driver is being launched in the U.S. and Canada after a successful initial deployment and expanding commercial adoption in Europe over the past five years. AdByze Driver is the latest iteration of award winning technology from the Netherlands-based DMA Institute (DMA), one of the world's leading digital marketing research and oversight products development companies. To facilitate this deployment, TBG and DMA have formed the joint-venture company BDAI, LLC in the U.S. BDAI is named for Big Data + Artificial Intelligence, whose enterprise focus is to harness the immense value of large blocks of information by means of mathematical algorithm analysis, modeling, and reporting. The outcome of this process results in better decision-making by digital marketing advertisers producing significant, timely, and cumulative gains in campaign ROI.

Theng Vogels, co-founder of DMA Institute, expressed, "The DMA Institute is excited to partner with The Buckley Group to introduce cutting edge technology to North American advertisers to drive digital media performance and growth. This is possible due to the proprietary DMAI platform technology, which has been developed with the purpose of enabling advertisers to exercise control and monitor digital campaign performance facilitating significant digital media accountability and maximum return on investment improvement in real time."

AdByze Driver is a three-product suite providing coverage in key digital marketing channels - display, social, and video. Each "driver" overlays digital campaign advertising activity including real-time bidding (RTB) with customized ad tags. This allows BDAI to expand (without compromising the viewer's privacy) its monitoring of viewer interaction with the ad well beyond industry standard measurements.

The term "learning machine" may be unfamiliar to many advertisers. The AdByze learning machine component is a program that is both analytical and predictive, and is capable of modifying and improving the accuracy of its computational activity. In essence, it enables users to gain insights from the data analysis and increase their ability to make smart and timely decisions pertaining to digital media spend.

The AdByze Driver analytics provide programmatic advertisers with a powerful new tool to more accurately understand how ad campaigns are performing. Based upon real-time views of campaign activities, advertisers are empowered to make advantageous adjustments to the targeting parameters mid-campaign. For the first time, advertisers can view these outcomes expressed in terms of audience viewability rather than mere impressions. Viewability is measured in terms of time-in-view by the audience; for example, the number of seconds a banner ad is seen by a viewer. This is a significant improvement over the typical level of reporting provided to the advertiser. During a campaign run, insights from reporting can be used to periodically re-calibrate the programmatic purchase scheme. These "fine-tune" adjustments help to increase ad visibility, improve conversion-rates, and optimize budget spend.

The AdByze product suite will be commercially available Feb. 3rd, 2014 and will be launched in the U.S. at a seminar hosted in Tampa, FL which will include presentations from Theng Vogels and Jim Buckley, Founder & CEO of The Buckley Group. They will discuss how the emerging concept of 'visibility pricing' is changing the nature of the relationship between the digital media provider and advertiser, and how third party technology is influencing the perception of value among all stakeholders in the programmatic ecosystem.

Jim Buckley stated, "The launch of BDAI and AdByze marks an important step forward for The Buckley Group. It allows us to significantly improve our solutions de livery capabilities, and thereby fulfill our corporate mission which is to improve client digital marketing spend return on investment through the application of innovative technologies. It's an honor for us to be aligned with the DMA Institute, and to now be able to share the AdByze toolset with our North American clientele."

About DMA Institute
DMA Institute (formerly Hottraffic: Media Innovator of the Year 2012 - AMMA) is an innovative and leading international digital media auditing and quality assurance establishment. Empowering digital leaders and global organizations in "Assessing the True Value of Digital Media".

Founded in January of 2014, BDAI is a US based joint venture between The Buckley Group and Netherlands-based DMA Institute. The new company holds the exclusive license for North America for the DMA Institute's award winning Digital Media Auditing Technology.

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