The Buckley Group Grows Its Digital Marketing Sales Team

The Buckley Group, Inc. (TBG), a national provider of digital marketing advisory services and advertising products, today announced details around the company's expansion of its North American sales team.

The Buckley Group, Inc. (TBG), a national provider of digital marketing advisory services and advertising products, today announced details around the company’s expansion of its North American sales team.  In a follow-on to a Q1 addition of regional offices (under a co-owned partnership arrangement) in Indianapolis, IN; Pittsburgh, PA; Cincinnati, OH; and Louisville, KY TBG now has co-owned offices in Washington, D.C.; Atlanta, GA; and Austin, TX.

The move links TBG, in each market, with a partner who has direct marketing knowledge, experience, and an active client-base. With them, TBG co-owns and co-manages a market-focused business responsible for sales of the company’s unique digital marketing products to advertisers, agencies, and other market intermediaries.  

The Buckley Group, according to its CEO/Founder, Jim Buckley, sees on-going expansion as a key step in helping the company reach its near-term financial objectives. He says, “We are extremely pleased with the outcome of our latest joint venture negotiations. Our newest co-owned offices brings a talented group of sales executives to the TBG team. Gaining access to their knowledge, skill and customer bases, in these three markets, will greatly expand the profit picture for our AdByze toolset in 2014 and beyond.”

He continues, “Our new partners are Fred Small and Damon Barr in Washington, D.C. and Atlanta; and Colleen Brewer in Austin.  These new partners bring to bring bear decades of experience in advertising and provide The Buckley Group with access to a client infrastructure that sets the stage for our ability to make the most of our new product line in three key technology-focused markets."

Colleen Brewer, co-owner of TBG-Austin and founder of Brewer & Co also sees the benefit of the burgeoning partnership.  "Partnering with The Buckley Group allows Brewer & Co to offer our customers superior digital ad buying and analytics. The experience and customer focus of the Buckley Group perfectly aligns with our core values and business goals. "

Damon Barr and Fred Small also see this partnership as a key part of expanding their growing portfolio of businesses.  “Our partnership with The Buckley Group enables us to expand our offerings into an area that our clients are increasingly focused on – effective digital advertising that can be accurately tracked and delivered."

The Buckley Group is also pleased to welcome Christopher Morris who joins our Team as a Sr. Sales Consultant specializing in RTB (Real Time Bidding) and will lead our practice focused on publishers and large scale advertisers on the West Coast from Seattle, WA.  Chris is an adtech expert who brings us a wealth of knowledge and experience in the programmatic arena. For over a decade his focus has been on bringing innovation and scalable digital media solutions to market – especially cutting-edge ad tech for revenue and customer acquisition. His background is broad based -- from programmatic buying (display and video) to marketing management to content distribution. 

The Buckley Group has acquired access to advanced advertising technology tools through strategic linkups with key vendors and partners. These tools handle client advertising creation, deployment, and results analysis/reporting in a compelling way. They have a demonstrated ability to dramatically increase the ROI from digital ad channels spending by predictively improving conversion rates while reducing incremental ad costs. We make these proprietary tools available to advertisers on a custom-fit contract basis.

In elaborating, Buckley states, “One component of our toolset is “BDAI”. BDAI is an acronym that stands for Big Data + Artificial Intelligence. It's a mathematical algorithm (a step-by-step procedure for calculations) capable of scrutinizing massive amounts of information (Big Data) to accomplish a purpose very quickly and accurately. BDAI is used in complex situations to make better decisions, and improve process outcomes. It’s able to learn from its computational activity, and it continuously refines the decision-making process. It’s really a learning machine.”

In conclusion, Buckley says, “The proliferation of Internet connected mobile devices offers advertisers exciting, new ways to connect with busy consumers all day long through their laptops, tablets, and smartphones. BDAI as a service was science-fiction just a couple of years ago; now it is a business-fact.  With our demographic and psychographic profile-matching capabilities driving ad placement decisions, clients are better able to send the right message, to the right audience, at the right time, and at a lower price.” 

For additional information about AbByze, The Buckley Group and how we can work together please visit the LinkedIn profile of our founder Jim Buckley at  or via email