BDAI Launches a National Product Awareness Campaign

BDAI LLC today began implementing a series of marketing efforts aimed at increasing brand awareness for the company's AdByze adtech products.

BDAI LLC, today began implementing a series of marketing efforts aimed at increasing brand awareness for the company's AdByze adtech products. According to the firm's CEO/Co-founder, Jim Buckley, feedback from preliminary outreach indicates test viewers found "Did You Know" campaign materials brought clarity to their understanding of AdByze functionalities, and enhanced their knowledge of its unique programmatic delivery capabilities.

He says, "Making our clients and client-prospects aware of and comfortable with our client-service capabilities, competencies, and performance in Europe and Asia over the last five years is paramount to a successful AdByze product launch in North America. Our adtech tools provide advertisers with deep insight in digital campaign reach and effectiveness. We believe that, within 18-24 months, what we now offer will be a standard requirement of all advertisers for their programmatic campaigns. And, we recognize that two of the biggest challenges to early adoption of this advanced technology are ignorance and skepticism".

Buckley continues, "To address these issues, BDAI is initiating a multi-pronged effort to increase general understanding about how AdByze works, how it has been deployed by clients, and in what ways it has been helpful. This effort will happen three-ways -- through delivery of new product presentation materials to the market by our distributed sales team, through a series of 30-minute weekly informational webinars, and through a programmatic B2B national ad campaign. We are targeting decision-makers who are innovating and adopting new, best-practices in the ecosystem. These are special people who are breaking ground (in advance of mass-adoption) by advocating for, and testing advanced programmatic adtech tools. Ours is a novel offering to these early-adopters in that it expands the boundaries of what is really new in programmatic, well beyond the perceived "latest thing" (like ad impressions "viewability" as the next standard metric). AdByze goes above and beyond. In addition to an accurate seconds-in-view reporting feature, we offer complete insertion order compliance monitoring, real-time audience profile analysis, precise conversion attribution tracking. It's really a neutral 3rd party performance audit, and it reports actionable information once every three days during a campaign run."

He concludes, "The focal point of this awareness project will be an infographic our team developed specifically to help us tell a story about our pure analytics consulting roots in Western Europe and how that morphed into what we are today -- a leading adtech products development company intent on making its mark in the U.S. This is a picture that begins to reveals the depth of our commitment to solid infrastructure development and superior service delivery; and, it also showcases some of the notable organizations who are recognizing us for our innovative product R&D.

Founded in January of 2014, BDAI is a US based joint venture between The Buckley Group and Netherlands-based DMA Institute. The new company holds the exclusive license for North America for the DMA Institute's award winning Digital Media Auditing Technology.

About The Buckley Group
West central Florida-based TBG is a provider of digital marketing advisory services and proprietary advertising products. TBG markets AdByze through a national network of sales offices and independent sales agents.

About DMA Institute
DMA Institute (formerly Hottraffic: Media Innovator of the Year 2012 - AMMA) is a leading international digital media auditing and quality assurance establishment Empowering digital leaders and global organizations in "Assessing the True Value of Digital Media".