BDAI Announces Webinar Series Theme:

BDAI LLC, today revealed details about its plans for a series of web-based educational broadcasts.

BDAI LLC - a joint venture between The Buckley Group & the DMA Institute - today revealed details about its plans for a series of web-based educational broadcasts. According to Theng Vogels, Co-founder/CIO of BDAI, the webinars will discuss the ability of leading adtech tools to provide advertisers with new digital campaign insight, and how this knowledge will change the relationships among brands, consultancies/intermediaries, and publishers.

She says, "We now have the ability to reveal much about the profile characteristics and behavior of consumers who view and interact with digital ad content in display, video, social, mobile, and digital radio channels. Advanced artificial intelligence technologies, like our AdByze toolkit, can monitor, extract, analyze, and report information in very specific data-set formats. It gives pertinence and meaning to Big Data, it happens in real-time, and it has far-reaching implications as a change-agent in the digital marketing arena. The integrity of data reporting can be assured since BDAI is a neutral participant in the advertising process (our fee is not influenced by over or under reporting of campaign results). Consequently we can issue concise, well-documented information, and provide the advertiser with an audit/inspection check of campaign efficiency and effectiveness that is completely objective".

Ms. Vogels further states, "Underlying and powering the AdByze program is a mathematical algorithmic model developed by BDAI's sister company, the DMA Institute (DMAI) in the Netherlands. DMAI has been nominated for, and awarded numerous prizes over the past five years by organizations like the IAB, MOA, and AMMA in recognition of its superior adtech research and development capabilities. This includes a 2014 IAB nomination for Best Audience Measurement technology. Interested parties can contact our marketing services team in Florida, for additional details."

She continues, "DMAI supports BDAI and its North American operations team with access to Google's DoubleClick Ad Exchange and YouTube as a certified third-party provider.

Vogels concludes by saying, "BDAI is excited about producing this webinar series. These sessions will provide us an opportunity to inform a larger audience about the promising future we envision for a new, more powerfully enabled digital ecosystem. Producing products to better map what we call the "digital consumer journey" is the primary commercial goal of BDAI and DMAI. What that mapping looks like for our customers, how we produce results, and what larger role we intend to play in the adtech space will form the topical content of our upcoming webinars. We look forward to having a lively exchange of ideas and opinions with those who join us as participants."

AdByze Driver is now available in the U.S. and Canada under an exclusive license arrangement between BDAI and the Netherlands-based DMA Institute (DMAI).

Those wanting to register for the inaugural BDAI Webinar, may do so by sending an email to

Founded in January of 2014, BDAI is a US based joint venture between The Buckley Group and Netherlands-based DMA Institute. The new company holds the exclusive license for North America for the DMA Institute's award winning Digital Media Auditing Technology.

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